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Mom Puts Sentiments Into a
Mother-Son Wedding Song
By Zephylia Khooblall – Contributing Writer

“Weddings are full of emotion.  There is the crying bride, the frantic wedding planner, the nervous groom, and of course, the distressed mothers of both the bride and groom.  These soon-to-be in-laws express their emotions in a multitude of ways; some sit and quietly tear up, some sob uncontrollably, and some channel their sorrow into becoming extremely involved in the wedding planning process.” Read More: North Royalton Recorder Article

Mom Hitting Right Note With a Special Tribute Song By Pat Salemi Staff Writer

“She can’t sing or write music, but, that didn’t stop Lynn (Hurley) Leonti from writing a song for her son’s wedding day.  I’ll Always Be Your Mother is a tribute to Mike Leonti and his new wife, Katiuscia, who was married June 17, 2006. The couple now has a 1-year-old daughter, Sommer.” Read More: Sun Post Article